Wall Hangings

Mirrors are a great way to liven up a wall in your home. Make sure they have something pretty to reflect, and that will add to the design element.

This type of mirror would work well in any formal setting.

The brushed metallic edge on this mirror makes it very versatile.

The unique shape of this frame gives the mirror personality.

These are the mirrors on top of my fireplace. It was spring when this picture was taken -
notice the pussy willows in the vase? The mirrors make the place look more sunny.

This mirror is in my dining room. It reflects one of my collections areas in the living room.

Did you take note of the interesting frames that are available for mirrors these days?
You can get something to match nearly any decor.

I include this as an example of what not to do.

Let's move on now ...

When it comes to pictures ...

Express yourself!

In the chapter on wall hangings, I mention that you shouldn't stagger pictures unless they are
over the stairs. Here's an example of how this can look.

Clocks are always useful, and can be beautiful too. Check out these styles.

Metal items look attractive on walls too.

And who says bulletin boards have to be dull? Check out the next two pictures.