About Ruthe

I have always wanted to work in a creative field, and I first became interested in interior design as a newlywed, putting together my first apartment. I enjoyed making it feel like my own home, with my own tastes and color schemes. Realizing that I didn't know enough to do a complete job, I started looking for ways to learn what I wanted to know.

I received my initial training from LaSalle University in Chicago, and gained additional experience on the job and by studying the work of other designers. I have always freelanced. I feel that freelancing gives me more opportunity to work with the client's personal tastes and not be constrained by a company's expectations. My goals are to create the atmosphere that expresses the client's personality in a unique way.

I have worked mostly with residences, both in design and staging, and have done some commercial work. You can see examples of my designs on the home page of this site, which will be updated regularly.

I invite you to contact me with any questions you might have, and I look forward to helping you bring your area to life.