Living Rooms

Let's start out with some shots of my own living room. My main color is this nice cherry red, and I accent with peacock blue and aqua, with touches of zebra and bamboo.

My main seating area.

Detail of an end table.

Another corner of my living room.


Moving on to other locations, here's a great monochromatic couch with different patterns.

Gray sofa with contemporary storage-style coffee table. This grouping illustrates the point I make in the book
about using browns and grays together.

Note how the throw cushion on the couch reflects the pattern on the chair.

Another contemporary gray sofa.  

Distressed aqua side table could be used along the back of a couch, against the wall,
or in the dining room.

Grays and browns.

A chaise lounge is always very elegant.

This couch demonstrates a muted monochromatic pattern against a wall with another muted monochromatic pattern. Note the similar shades of color in the couch and the wall, making them coordinate. This is one way in which two patterns can work harmoniously.

This is a hand-painted French grand piano to be displayed in an elegant living room.

This mirrored table could find a use in several contemporary rooms, from the living
room to the bedroom.

This is a great example of many of the design styles I've mentioned. We've combined
leather, wood, and animal prints, and notice the diagonal area rug.

The colors, plus the geometric shapes, create a very modern look.

Look at the combined shades of brown and variety of textures. Very nice.