Dining Rooms

Pieces like these china hutches are perfect on the end wall of your dining room to add a touch of design style as well as to provide storage for your special dishes.

My dining room, which sits adjacent to the living room. Because there's no real barrier
between the two rooms, I chose to let the color palette flow from the living
room to the dining room. Notice the light fixture, the accessories, the accent colors, and
the window treatment.

My dining room table with a different look. I enjoy changing out my place mats, table
runners, and dishes to give the room variety.

Another style of hutch.

This antique mahogany sideboard gives the room an old-fashioned elegance.

This sideboard would also work for housing collections.

A casual wood dining table trimmed with metal sporting an unusual bowl filled with decorative cork balls.

A pieced wood trestle dining table for greater durability.

This unique bench could go down one side of your casual family
dining room table.