I had some fun decorating for Christmas this year. I began by putting my Christmas tree in a vase,
rather than on a stand. Then I used a shawl rather than a tree skirt.

This is a close-up of the same arrangement as above.

This solid copper urn is a great accessory to add some warmth to your space.

Give a touch of Asian to your contemporary or eclectic setting with this planter.

Baskets are always a fun accessory, and can be used in a number of ways. Use large baskets as side tables, use in collections to corral, or use as organization tools.

This antique treasure from Grandma's house could be displayed on a sideboard in the dining room.

Smaller baskets are cute on top of other surfaces, and can be used for storage as well.

Cages can be used to display greenery or pieces of a collection for display.

A nice, shiny metallic that could be used in a room where the main neutral color is gray.

An unusually shaped bowl creates a nice touch - this time on a dining room table.

This picture and the two after it demonstrate how much I personally enjoy beautiful vases.
Above, I paired the vase with some peacock feathers, peacock being my accent color.

Here, I grouped the vase with an antique case clock and a candle holder.

In this picture, notice the vase on top of a riser, the blue ball on top of a riser,
and the pig. I collect pigs.

An unusual piece of statuary says a lot about the owner.
(Piece by Jeannine Young)

When you choose a unique accessory, make it something you really love.

This bowl demonstrates the wide variety of tastes represented in today's interior design.

Look at this great grouping of monochromatic accessories - they're so elegant.

Metallic vases would great with a contemporary design.

Clocks are always a great addition.

Rustic hurricane lamps are unique.

This display is rather stunning.

A grouping from my own dining room table.

A beautiful assortment of eye-catching pieces.

Black, white, and metal - very classy.

A touch of the exotic ...

... and the unusual. I love the detail on the horse's neck.

Look at this beautiful assortment of metal accessories, including these gates.

Figurines can be a nice touch, especially if they reflect something that is deeply
meaningful to you.

I do like the look of bird cages.

Use accessories to add color.